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Ameda CustomFit Breast Pump Flanges™ Flexishield Areola Stimulator XS (21.0mm), 2 Count (1 Pair)

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The Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulator reduces the size of the breast flange while mimicking the feel of a baby breastfeeding.


The Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulators are comfortable silicone inserts that fit the standard 25.0 mm size breast flanges. When inserted the Flexishield mimics the feel of your baby's mouth, helps stimulate the let-down reflex and reduces the flange size to 21.0 mm for maximum effectiveness for smaller breasts. The Flexishield Areola Stimulator does not contain BPA or DEHP. Each box contains one pair of Flexishield Areola Stimulators.
AC Power Adapter No
Battery Power No
Operation Type No
Pump Type No
Recommended Use No
Vehicle Power Adapter No
Warranty No

Ameda Reviews

  1. From pain to comfort! Review by Ptite

    I have small breasts/nipples, and pumping with hard flanges just hurt, hurt, hurt, even after trying several different sizes. And, of course, pain is counter-productive to milk let-down... :(
    But after receiving these areola stimulator, pumping became so much less painful, almost comfortable, and my milk output increased drastically too! I will never pump without these again. (Posted on 2/17/2013)

  2. Its made a huge difference in my pumping experience Review by Triste

    I am exclusively pumping for tiny twins in the NICU using a hospital-grade pump and am amazed at the difference this has made for me. My supply went up by about 50% when I started using the flexishields and pumping time halved. Yes, that extra nub of silicone is a puzzler but I am still very happy with the performance I get with this. I always start with the Flexishields then if my flow dwindles, pump for the last few minutes without it since the suction is much stronger. They are wonderful for me especially for getting the my let down started. I am very happy to have found these! (Posted on 9/26/2009)

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