Our History

For over 70 years, Ameda has been dedicated to providing mother's with a comfortable and affordable solution to the very important process of breastfeeding. With children's health as our number one priority, Ameda has strived to make the safest breastpumps on the market, taking every precaution to prevent harmful milk contaminations while still providing a comfortable and effective pump suitable for all of your needs.

For years, Ameda has strived to create breastpumps that give moms more pumping options in their busy lives, no matter what kind of lifestyle they are living. Whether you're pumping at home, on the road, or at work, over the years Ameda has been able to design breastpumps suitable for every option.


Einar Egnell

Ameda: 70 Years of Innovation and Counting

1939 - Swedish engineer Einar Egnell begins work to create a better breast pump

1942 - Swedish debut of SMB™the first safe and effective hospital-grade pump

1961 - The Ameda SMB breast pump goes international

1984 - Ameda Lact-e, first portable hospital-grade pump

1993 - Ameda Elite, first microprocessor-run hospital-grade pump

1994 - Ameda HygieniKit, the first pump kit needing no tubing care

1998 - The Ameda Purely Yours, first personal piston pump