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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Backpack

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Quick Overview

The Ameda Purely Yours Backpack is a portable double breast pump that combines hospital-recommended technology with mom-friendly features. This BPA-free breast pump offers safer milk expression through use of its FDA approved, closed-system technology.

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Ameda Purely Yours Pump with Backpack Features:

  • Closed System – Ameda Purely Yours uses the patented HygieniKit Milk Collection System, which has a silicone is designed to prevent milk from leaking into the pump’s tubing. This saves clean up time since the tubes do not require washing after each use.
  • BPA Free - All parts that come in contact with are made of BPA free polypropylene plastic.
  • FDA Approved – The HygieniKit is the only milk collection system approved by the FDA to keep milk and outside air separate from each other.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Since pump motor only weighs one pound, it is easy to take along with you wherever you go.
  • Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven – According to pump experts, piston pumps are more effective at expressing milk comfortably than diaphragm pumps.
  • Individually Adjustable Controls – You can better mimic your baby’s natural nursing rhythm with 4 cycle speeds and 8 suction levels.
  • Built-in Bottle Holders – Help to keep bottles and freezer storage bags upright during milk expression to prevent spilling.
  • 3 Power Options – Since this pump can be operated via AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, or car adapter you can pump anywhere you go. The car adapter is included with this model, but is available for purchase separately.
  • Portable Milk Storage – The included Cool ‘N Carry tote that stores six 4oz. bottles of expressed milk and fits into the micro fiber carryall.
Also available is the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carryall. The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Backpack is ideal for moms working full-time or for anyone who wants a quick, easy and effective breast pumping experience. It is piston-driven for comfortable and efficient pumping, and is compact and lightweight since the motor weighs only 1 pound. The individually adjustable cycle and suction controls to help you find the settings that work best for you.

The Purely Yours with Backpack has a unique design prevents milk and moisture from entering tubing, so under normal use there's no need to clean pump tubing! You can use it anywhere since it operates using 3 power sources – AC adapter, AA batteries or car adapter. The Purely Yours with Backpack comes complete with the Ameda Milk Collection Kit, lightweight, sporty microfiber backpack, Cool 'N Carry Tote with three cooling elements and six 4-ounce bottles with tops, a Milk Storage Guide magnet, 12V car power adapter, two cotton breast pads and one-Hand Manual Breast Pump handle assembly.

Each Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump features a closed system pump, so that expressed milk doesn't get into the air lines. This feature allows Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pumps to be used by multiple users, with the purchase of a new HygieniKit milk collection system.

Each Purely Yours with Backpack comes complete with:

  • Pump Motor
  • Dual HygieniKit Without BPA
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Car Adapter
  • Manual Pump Adapter Handle
  • Built-in Battery Pack
  • Micro Fiber Backpack
  • Cool ‘N Carry Tote with 3 Cooling Elements
  • 6 4-oz. Polypropylene Bottles with Tops
  • Milk Storage Guide Magnet
  • 2 Cotton Breast Pads

Dual Hygienikit includes:

  • 2 36-inch tubes
  • tubing adapter/pump connector
  • 2 adapter caps
  • 2 silicone diaphragms
  • 2 pump bodies with standard size breast shields
  • 4 white valves
  • 2 4-oz. polypropylene bottles with tops
AC Power Adapter Yes
Battery Power Yes
Operation Type Electric
Pump Type Personal Use
Recommended Use Frequent, Daily Use
Vehicle Power Adapter Included
Warranty 1 Year

Ameda Reviews

  1. SAVED MY SON! Review by Working Mom

    I could never get my son to latch because of "inadequate equipment" up top. Determined to breastfeed, I decided that I would pump exclusively to make sure that my son got the proper nutrition that he needs. My sister used this pump before lending it to me, and I've used it 4-7 times a day for the past 4 months and it is still going strong! I've been able to exclusively breastfeed my son, plus put up breastmilk for storage. My son is a happy, growing baby boy thanks to this pump! (Posted on 5/7/2012)

  2. Excellent Review by Anna

    I Recommend this product 100%. I was able to suction around 4 oz in around 10-15 min.
    (Posted on 1/12/2012)

  3. Great Pump, Almost Hospital Grade! Review by Sarah G.

    I bought this after reading comparisons to the Medela Pump In Style. I haven't used the Medela, but after using the hospital grade pump for a few weeks I found that this one worked almost as well. I love the backpack - it's of excellent quality and very discreet when out and about. I work with a bunch of guys and they will never guess what's inside. I also have a few general tips to increase milk output that have worked for me:
    1. Make your own handsfree bra: take a well-fitting (not too tight) sports bra and cut slits horizontally over your nipples, just large enough to fit the flanges through.
    2. Moisten the flanges with water or a little milk to create a good seal.
    3. Massage and squeeze breasts while pumping. Work from the armpit in towards the nipple, using as much pressure as is comfortable.
    4. Hand express the last few drops (I can usually get ~10mL) after removing the flanges.
    5. You can usually get more 'let-down' cycles and hence more milk if you think about your baby or look at them while pumping. I listen to books on tape but take time every so often to think about your baby.
    6. I increased my milk supply by taking Fenugreek supplement and drinking three cups of Mother's Milk tea from my local natural foods store. Beware the Fenugreek will make you smell a bit like maple syrup!
    7. Drink lots of water!!! (Posted on 12/30/2009)

  4. The only pump you'll need Review by Jennifer B.

    I absolutely love this pump! This is the second pump I have owned, and it is far superior to the Avent pump I used with my first child, and cheaper.

    The pump has ample suction, and adjustable settings for suction and cycle time. It is very easy to keep clean, and is easy to keep organized with the back pack carrier.

    It's also nice to know that I can get a replacement milk collection kit. I plan to let my sister use the pump (with her very own milk collection kit). So this makes a nice pump for you to share with someone.

    All in all I would definitely recommend this to just about anyone.

    If you're on a budget, consider getting the Purely Yours pump without the bag and bottles. (Posted on 12/16/2009)

  5. buy this! Review by USMCwife4life

    The Ameda Purely Yours pump is great. Up until recently I hardly ever pumped just because I never really had the need. We recently started my son on rice cereal and I wanted to mix it with breast milk and in the past week the pump has paid for itself! It's convenient and easy to use. The backpack feature is awesome for moms on the go - especially working mothers who want to pump but do so discreetly. It also comes with several storage bottles, a smaller storage bag for the bottles and ice packs to keep the milk cold if you're somewhere without a fridge. It's awesome. Chances are you'll need a pump at some point and this a great pump to have when the time comes. Trust me, you don't want to be stuck hand pumping one breast at a time with a manual pump! (Posted on 7/21/2009)

  6. A LIFESAVER! Review by S. Eyre

    For a mom-to-be pregnant with twins, I thought purchasing a good hospital grade pump would probably be needed. I was gunghoe on nursing the girls...not to meantion the savings in formula costs. Well, I lucked out and found this one on ebay brand new in packaging for $130 - good deal, right? At $200, $300, or $400 this would have been a GREAT deal. This pump ROCKS! My girls ended up being born 8 weeks early and this allowed me to pump exclusively until the girls were ready to nurse - 3 months later! No need to rent a pump - this is a good as you can get without owning a huge cumbersome hospital unit. Plus, the car adapter was a must with me. I pumped while driving (not sure what the cops would have thought about that - but mom has to do what she has to do). Then it can take batteries - great if you want to take it to the county fair or a sporting event. Plus, it is totally compatible with all hospital pump parts (made by Ameda - my hospital used ameda). Any way - this pump saved me money on formula (I probably would have given up if my supply dwindled - but this pump kept it up there) and it allowed me to get out of the house. This thing was my best friend for 3 months straight. Highly recommended and easy to use! (Posted on 7/18/2009)

  7. Nice Pump Review by KK

    I brought this pump after the birth of my second child. As with everybody, I did a lot of research before buying this one after the birth of my son before returning full time back to work. I spoke to two lactation consultants and both of them recommended either Medela PIS or Ameda purely yours or Avent Isis Duo.

    I chose Ameda backpack version over others because of price,features and number of parts to clean. I use this at home over the weekend and Medela Lactina Plus at work which is a hospital grade pump that my office provides. Both pumps are comparable and I get probably an ounce more with the Medela Lactina plus. It is very easy to setup and clean and the motor is quieter than the Lactina that I use at work. The best thing is the suction and the speed setting which can be set independent of each other. I like the suction which is soft and with practice I have been able to set it up to mimic my baby's suction. I haven't been using it during weekdays so I don't know the durability of the motor.

    The motor is small and detachable from the bag. The cooler is compact and does fit six, four ounces bottles and that is a great convenience pumping thrice a day. The suction feels stronger while single pumping and the data sheets say the same. My office has just 20 minutes schedule for lactation room and I have been able to set up the Ameda, pump and clean in that time slot. Cleaning is a breeze as there are no small parts. With the Lactina personal kit I have to be careful with the membrane which is very fragile, I have almost lost it twice while sterilizing.

    Another added advantage is the prevention of milk backing up in the tubes. With the Lactina I need to inspect the tubes per the manufacturer's advise every time after I am done to check for milk backup. I don't have that problem with Ameda. I haven't had milk backed up yet with Lactina, but the anxiety of checking the tubes is always there.

    The backpack is stylish although Ameda could have made it little softer. The inside liner is made of polythene and so the bag is stiff. Other than that many of colleagues have confused my backpack as a regular backpack. It does have an option of housing batteries and running the motor on that, I haven't had a chance to use it and not sure if I will ever use it.

    Overall I think this is a good choice. (Posted on 7/17/2009)

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