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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carryall

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The Ameda Purely Yours Carryall is a portable double breast pump that combines hospital-recommended technology with mom-friendly features.

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Ameda Purely Yours Carryall Features:

  • Closed System – Ameda Purely Yours Carryall uses the patented HygieniKit Milk Collection System, which has a silicone is designed to prevent milk from leaking into the pump’s tubing. This saves clean up time since the tubes do not require washing after each use.
  • BPA Free - All parts that come in contact with are made of BPA free polypropylene plastic.
  • FDA Approved – The HygieniKit is the only milk collection system approved by the FDA to keep milk and outside air separate from each other.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Since the pump motor only weighs one pound, it is easy to take along with you wherever you go.
  • Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven – According to pump experts, piston pumps are more effective at expressing milk comfortably than diaphragm pumps.
  • Fully Customizable Controls – You can better mimic your baby’s natural nursing rhythm with 4 cycle speeds, and 8 suction levels.
  • Built-in Bottle Holders – Help to keep bottles and freezer storage bags upright during milk expression to prevent spilling.
  • 3 Power Options – Since this pump can be operated via AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, or car adapter you can pump anywhere you go. The car adapter is not included with this model, but is available for purchase separately.
  • Portable Milk Storage – The included Cool ‘N Carry tote that stores six 4oz. bottles of expressed milk and fits into the micro fiber carryall.
Also available is the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Backpack. The Ameda Purely Yours Carryall is a portable double breast pump that combines hospital-recommended technology with mom-friendly features. It's ideal for moms working full-time or for anyone who wants a quick, easy and effective breast pumping experience. The Purely Yours with Carryall is piston-driven for comfortable and efficient pumping, and is compact and lightweight since the motor weighs only 1 pound. The individually adjustable cycle and suction controls to help you find the settings that work best for you.

The Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carryall has a unique design prevents milk and moisture from entering tubing, so under normal use there's no need to clean pump tubing! You can use it anywhere since it operates using 3 power sources – AC adapter, AA batteries or optional car adapter. This model of the pump comes complete with the Ameda Milk Collection Kit, lightweight, stylish microfiber tote, Cool 'N Carry Tote with three cooling elements and six 4-ounce bottles with lids, and a Milk Storage Guide magnet.

Each Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump features a closed system pump, so that expressed milk doesn't get into the air lines. This feature allows Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pumps to be used by multiple users, with the purchase of a new HygieniKit milk collection system.

Each Purely Yours with Carryall comes complete with:

  • Pump Motor
  • Dual HygieniKit Without BPA
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Built-in Battery Pack
  • Micro Fiber Carryall
  • Cool ‘N Carry Tote with 3 Cooling Elements
  • 6 4-oz. Polypropylene Bottles with Tops
  • Milk Storage Guide Magnet

Dual Hygienikit includes:

  • 2 36-inch tubes
  • tubing adapter/pump connector
  • 2 adapter caps
  • 2 silicone diaphragms
  • 2 pump bodies with standard size breast shields
  • 4 white valves
  • 2 4-oz. polypropylene bottles with tops
AC Power Adapter Yes
Battery Power Yes
Operation Type Electric
Pump Type Personal Use
Recommended Use Frequent, Daily Use
Vehicle Power Adapter Available Separately
Warranty 1 Year

Ameda Reviews

  1. Works Great! Review by Alejandra

    I was given this pump second hand and I LOVE IT!

    At it's price it would have been to big of an investment for our family at the time... It works just as good and as fast as manual pumps! It is insanely light wright and powerful! When you switch it to one brest you have to plug the other side and the suction does NOT drop a significant amount. To break suction you do have to slip your fingertip in or you might hurt your self... I suggest that for any pump though...

    Point is I love it and now I can actually stock up on milk for a baby sitter from time to time... (Posted on 10/13/2011)

  2. Lifesaver and babyfeeder! Review by 2BeautifulBoys

    Bought this pump last year when I returned to work after baby #1. It is super quiet, so people at work aren't distracted by hearing it through the walls (unlike another one I tried). The dual controls work great to simulate the suction of baby, it's lightweight, and everything fits into the bag in case you are like me and take it home every night. Am now using the pump again for baby #2. Used the Elite model at the hospital NICU and when I was discharged I pumped at home with this every night and the Elite during the day and the Purely Yours kept pace with the Elite. Great pump, awesome price, couldn't be happier. (Posted on 6/14/2011)

  3. GOD BLESS AMEDA Review by Charlie and Ari's Mommy

    I have been meaning to write this review for a long time now. However, as a fulltime, wife, mommy and student, the review has been put on hold.
    When my first son was born, I had every intention to strictly breastfeed until he was a year old. We had complications with him latching so I decided to rent the Medela pump from the hosptial. Well of course renting became very expensive. I then found out that through W.I.C., I qualified for the Ameda pump. The pump was a life saver. I was able to strictly pump for my son until he was 13 months. When my second son was bron we no longer qualified for W.I.C. so I was forced to purchase one. I had never seen the Ameda pump in stores so I assumed it wasn't sold to consumers. when I researched and found out I could purchase the pump online, I was ecstatic. I purchasedPurely Yours with the Carryall. I have been using this pump since March. My son is now 8 months and weighs over 22 pounds. I pump 8 ounces of milk, every six hours, every day. This pump has been a life saver. With the rising cost of baby formula, I feel this pump has paid for itself a hundred times. It is easy to assemble and clean. My only complaint about this pump is the beeping noise that it makes. (Posted on 12/4/2010)

  4. Fantatsic Review by Natalee

    The Ameda Purely Yours Carryall is the best pump I have personally used.

    I have tried multiple pumps, both in the hospital, and since I have been home with my son.

    This has worked the best.

    While in the hospital, I used a Medela Symphony, which worked alright, but I would never spend that much on a breast pump, and renting one just doesn't seem practical. I also used a manual pump in the hospital, which was an Avent. It did work, but was not very efficient for daily use.

    When I first got home with my son, I was using a Medela Pump in Style that was given to me second hand by a friend. I replaced the milk collection kit, but I stopped using it when I found out about the possibility of milk contamination. Apparently replacing the kit doesn't prevent milk contamination, because air gets into the pump still. After realizing that, I decided to try the Ameda Purely Yours Carryall. It was one of the only pumps I found that had the closed system, and was still affordable. Turns out it works great.

    Very good suction, totally adjustable, and easy to use & clean.

    I would recommend this pump to anyone looking for an inexpensive pump with a closed system.

    (Posted on 3/11/2010)

  5. Well Worth the Money! Review by Katie R.

    I have been very pleased with this pump. It is the first I have owned, but I used the one in the hospital for a day or two, which was very different, but also worked. This pump does just as good a job in my opinion, as the hospitals pump did. I would think twice about spending a ton on a hospital grade pump. (Posted on 12/16/2009)

  6. Does the job Review by Anne Marie

    I received this breast pump as a gift, and was unsure about whether or not I would keep it. I had always heard Medela made the best breast pumps, but knew nothing about Ameda. I decided I would give it a try, since I didn't have to pay for it, and it really works well. I have no experience with any other pumps, but in my opinion this works well enough to recommend. I haven't really left the house with the pump, so I do not use the bag it came with. I'm sure it comes in handy if you need to take the pump along with you.

    Also, I would recommend getting some of the freezer bags when you buy your pump. They work great and its a good idea to stockpile as much milk as you can. (Posted on 12/4/2009)

  7. Effective, but harsh and cumbersome Review by KSF

    I bought this pump before my first child was born, expecting to be able to use it to continue my milk supply once I returned to work. As it happened, I have wound up using it quite a bit prior to my return - I'm still on maternity leave - and am not very happy with it. It works fine for expressing milk, but the pull of the suction is quite uncomfortable for me. I find it harsh on my nipples, and it also feels awkward to pump both breasts simultaneously (the suction is significantly reduced if you only do one at once). In general, I am uncomfortable using it and find that I tend to avoid pumping because of that. I have recently purchased an Avent ISIS hand pump and am MUCH happier with it.

    In addition, even with the carry all bag, the Ameda is heavy and bulky. It's hard to imagine carrying it into the office every day!

    On the plus side, it is pretty easy to clean and doesn't have as many parts as the ISIS. (Posted on 8/2/2009)

  8. Ameda is better than Medela Pump in Style Review by LoganandKaylasMommie

    I bought the pump in style with my first baby, and with my second one, I decided to switch to Ameda. I loved it, it has fast and slow settings, as well as suction settings, which you can personalize and leave. You could do that with the Medela pump, you had to set it each time. Drove me nuts! It is also much more portable, you can use it with the bag or take just the pump and accessories in your own diaper bag. The Medela pump was built into the bag. On top of everything, Ameda was recommended by my hospital and was far less expensive and cuter with the little blue hearts and "mommy's milk bag". Ameda has really personalized it's pump to meet many mom's needs. I wouldn't ever go back! (Posted on 8/1/2009)

  9. FINALLY!...a pump that makes the grade. Review by H. Gilani

    I've never written a review for anything before, but I just felt compelled to let those of you who are looking into buying a breastpump know that THIS IS IT! I have purchased 2 pumps before and have had not-so-satisfactory results. My first pump was the Evenflo Electric and that poor pump stopped "sucking" after only a week of use. (Evenflo should stick to making bottles!) After that I was told to purchase the Avent Isis, which I did absolutely love. My son was 3 months old at the time and I was staying at home fulltime. It was okay for the time being but I needed something a little more powerful for when I started going back to school fulltime. When I decided it was time to buy a double electric pump, I was reading almost ALL of the reviews online, trying to find the best one. I'm sooo happy I decided to go with this pump. It is absolutely wonderful!

    The pump is quiet, it sounds kind of like a copy machine.

    It is FAST. I am able to pump about 6-8 oz in less than 15 minutes!!

    It is very comfortable. I keep the vaccuum setting in the middle and the cycle setting at the highest at first, and then turn it all the way down low after let-down and it feels just like second nature.

    I did have a little trouble getting used to the suction at first. It is different than the Avent pump and there are so many settings to play around with. I'd say it took me about a week to find the settings that worked for me and to get the let-down thing going but once I did, it was as if the milk just flowed right in the bottles!

    There's nothing I don't like about the Ameda. The parts are easy to clean and put together. The tote bag is really cute and so is the cooler. I actually look forward to pumping! and I'm sure you will too if you go with this one! (Posted on 7/30/2009)

  10. Excellent Pump Review by Drbia

    When I started looking at pumps, I did my research and knew I would buy either this one or the medela, since I worked full-time. I decided to go with this based purely on the fact that it was lighter, you could use batteries or a car adapter and it was cheaper.

    And then I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. Initially it pumped well and then went downhill! I was confused and then figured out the white valves needed changing. I did so and a week later ran into the same problem. I ended up chnaging 3 sets of valves in one month before I realized the problem was me....I was cleaning the valves with a brush which is a No No....ooops.

    Since I finally figured that out, the pump works great. I can empty both breasts in 20-30 mins. It's easy to carry around. the carry all is elegant and discreet and everything fits in it. It comes with a cooling bag and freezer packs to keep everything cold once you pump. The equipment is small and easy to maintain. It's a great pump and I love it!!!

    I highly recommend it. Just please don't make the same stupid mistakes I did!!! (Posted on 7/29/2009)

  11. Great Breast Pump Review by Faye A. - RN

    I really like the Ameda breast pumping system. I was started on it when my son was in the hospital for 9 days after he was born and have been using it since. As an occupational health nurse, I was able to try the Medela pumping system which I found much harder to clean. I found that there was much less risk of having the milk enter into the pumping system witht he Ameda.

    I have used my Purely Yours pump in a car and in many other situations during the 8 and 1/2 months of pumping. It si a lightwieght machine with a good amount of power. I take it back and forth to work with me, as well as when I travel.

    I love the control and comfort that I have with the length of the pumping cycle and the strength of the suction. I adjust the levels as I have different needs. (Posted on 7/28/2009)

  12. Super Pump Review by Elana A.

    When I was looking for a pump, my top choices were Medela Pump In Style and Ameda Purely Yours. They're both comparable in features and reputation, and I chose Ameda for two reasons:

    1. Breast milk is better protected from exposure to the environment. The Purely Yours pump accomplishes this by using a patented diaphragm to create a barrier, which protects the pump and tubing from contamination. (Ameda has obtained FDA clearance to make this claim.)

    2. It's cheaper than the Medela.

    Having used this pump for almost 4 months, I confidently say that I absolutely love it. Here are the reasons why:

    1. Milk goes directly from the horns (the parts that go to the breast) to the bottle (through a small valve). I like the fact that milk does not go through any tubes or the pump body. There are only 3 parts to wash (the horns, the valve, and the diaphragm), and they wash very easily.

    2. It's powerful, yet comfortable. In fact, this pump was easier on my nipples than my baby. Sometimes, my nipples got really sore from breastfeeding and I pumped and fed the baby with expressed milk to give my nipples a break.

    3. Very portable. I've taken this pump everywhere - to parties, work, on trips, shopping. It takes 6 AA batteries, which is very convenient, because they're easily available.

    4. Reasonably fast. It takes about 15-20 minutes to pump each breast until the second letdown. Unfortunately, I haven't yet learned how to pump both breasts at the same time. So it takes about 30-40 minutes to pump both breasts. I hope to one day master the two-breasts-at-a-time technique to cut the pumping time in half.

    5. Batteries last for 3-4 40-minute pumping sessions. I consider that quite long. This pump has a powerful motor, and I would be happy if I would get even 1 session. I usually pump at home where I have an outlet and use the batteries only occasionally. But if you plan to use this pump on the road most of the time, get rechargable batteries.

    6. Accepts any standard size bottle. I wanted to use the glass bottles, and used Evenflo Classic Glass bottles without a problem.

    7. Cheaper and lighter than the Medela Pump In Style (my other top choice)

    There are two things that I do not like about this pump. They are:

    1. The car charger adapter that I got does not fit into any car charger! I somehow was able to get it into the Toyota Corolla charger, but almost took the dashboard out when I was trying to get the adapter out. Perhaps I have a faulty adapter, but I've never tried again.

    2. The horns break if used heavily. The part that screws onto the bottle cracks, and then breaks. This happened to both horns, and I had to get replacement horns ((...)).

    Despite the car charger adapter issue and the breaking horns, I love this pump. It helps me maintain my milk supply and build a freezer stash for emergency use. I would recommend this to anyone.
    (Posted on 7/25/2009)

  13. Kinda noisy but works well. Review by Sara G.

    This pump works great and has been very useful since having my child. My only complaint is that the motor is kinda noisy. (Posted on 6/21/2009)

  14. Works Great Review by Beth M.

    Great Pump, but it could have been a little less expensive in my opinion. The model without the bag and cooler is $50 dollars cheaper, but I do use the cooler a lot. (Posted on 6/14/2009)

  15. A Quality Breast Pump Review by Sherry

    Before purchasing this pump I owned a Medela Pump-In-Style, needless to say I no longer use the Medela. It conked out after just 4 months of use, leaving me without a pump. A friend recommended Ameda to me and I have been very pleased after 5 months of use. Not to mention this was a better price than the Medela. (Posted on 6/8/2009)

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