Ameda vs. the Competition

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Proven Airlock Protection

  • World's only proven airlock protection barrier helps to prevent breast milk contamination that may form in tubing.
  • Silicon diaphragm prevents milk from backing up into tubing, protecting milk from outside impurities

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Custom Fit Flange System

  • With up to 7 flange sizes to choose from, finding a comfortable fit is never a problem.
  • Ameda pumps are supplied with the 3 most popular sizes to allow for changes during breastfeeding.

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Custom Control

  • Separate speed and suction dials to customize mom's unique pumping pattern.
  • 32 different combinations for best comfort and milk flow every time.


Ameda's Dedication to Quality and Safety



Breastfeeding, while important and healthy, also needs to be done in a way that is comfortable. Ameda's breast pumps are designed to fit comfortably, and come in many different styles and shapes in order to fit to your needs and comfort levels.


Ability to Rent or Buy

Ameda provides breast pumps of every quality, from extremely affordable single-term breast pumps, to hospital-grade breast pumps. We understand that purchasing a breast pump is not for everyone. That's why we offer rental programs - so that you can get the quality pump that you desire without having to pay the full price.


Power Options

Having a variety of power options is important for people who are looking to use their breast pumps in different environments. Ameda's power options include wall outlet, car charger, and battery powered.


Pumping Styles

Choosing a pumping style that's right for you is important when shopping for a breast pump. That's why Ameda provides every available pumping action, from single-action pumping to simultaneous pumping.



Affordability is important factor when shopping for a breast pump, especially considering the additional expenses that come with having a new family member. This is why Ameda provides multiple options to appease any budget, as well as the opportunity to rent hosptital-grade breast pumps in the event that purchasing a breast pump is not an investment you are interested in.


Motor Noise Level

Going hand-in-hand with comfort, the motor noise level of an electric breast pump contributes to your comfort level. If you're looking for a quiet, gentle sounding breast pump, Ameda can provide you with what you're looking for.


Closed System

Electric breast pumps operate using a motorized pump. Depending on which kind of system you buy, you could be running the risk of backwards contamination, which could potentially poison your baby's milk. Ameda's electric breast pumps have a closed system, preventing the possibility of backwards contamination. With Ameda's breast pumps, you don't need to worry about your baby's safety.


Moms love Ameda's affordability, comfort, and safety. Ready to get started? Start here