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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Product Review (submitted on June 25, 2009):
I bought the Purely Yours after debating and researching between it and the Medela Pump in Style. While I never tried the latter, I have been quite happy with the one I got! I must note that though I pump every day, it's only once a day, and I do it at home, so I don't have concerns about noise or industrial strength pumping.

The pumping: It's comfortable for me, and the adjustable suction and speed are key. It is easy to switch between single and dual pumping. If you're going for the latter, though, I strongly recommend getting a hands-free pumping bra, because it's a bit much to juggle both bottles and the dials, particularly if you are also trying to keep an eye on your baby (which I do, pumping in the morning). I do get plenty of milk with this pump.

The noise: It doesn't seem so noisy to me, but I do it at home; I might be more aware of the noise if I were pumping at work. It makes a small beeping noise with each pump in addition to the motor noise. Sometimes I put a pillow over it to muffle the sound if the babe is next to me and on the verge of sleeping.

Cleaning: It's a breeze! I fill a bowl with hot soapy water and stick the pieces in there while I do the rest of the dishes, and that does it. I have heard that the white valves are easily torn, but I haven't had any problem with that, possibly because I'm careful with them as a result of having heard about their fragility. But then again my husband never read about the fragile valves, and he's never torn one either (and yes, he does wash the pump pieces often!). The pump comes with 6 valves, and I'm still on my first two (though I've only been pumping 2 months).

Portability: This version does not come with a bag, which I don't need. It is very small and light, though, so if you do need to carry it around I don't think that would be any problem. If you're pumping away from home, I would spend the extra money and get one of the bags that is made to fit the pump and all the other pieces.

Storage: I use the Playtex One Step storage system to store the breastmilk, and I've been quite happy with that. It's no problem to use them together, the adapter fits perfectly.

Basically, this pump is great, and I plan to stick with it for future children! My only advice to others shopping for a pump would be to consider other brands. I only considered Ameda and Medela, because that's what the hospital recommended. However, I've been eyeballing other pumps since I bought mine, and it looks like others have come up with some innovations that would be worth checking out.