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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carryall

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carryall

Product Review (submitted on July 29, 2009):
When I started looking at pumps, I did my research and knew I would buy either this one or the medela, since I worked full-time. I decided to go with this based purely on the fact that it was lighter, you could use batteries or a car adapter and it was cheaper.

And then I thought I'd made a terrible mistake. Initially it pumped well and then went downhill! I was confused and then figured out the white valves needed changing. I did so and a week later ran into the same problem. I ended up chnaging 3 sets of valves in one month before I realized the problem was me....I was cleaning the valves with a brush which is a No No....ooops.

Since I finally figured that out, the pump works great. I can empty both breasts in 20-30 mins. It's easy to carry around. the carry all is elegant and discreet and everything fits in it. It comes with a cooling bag and freezer packs to keep everything cold once you pump. The equipment is small and easy to maintain. It's a great pump and I love it!!!

I highly recommend it. Just please don't make the same stupid mistakes I did!!!

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