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Ameda Breast Shell System

Ameda Breast Shell System

Product Review (submitted on October 10, 2009):
I bought my second set of shells while still expecting. My goal was to breast feed her for at least 6 months, and thought for sure I was going to need help drawing out my nipples, and dealing with leaking those first few weeks. Afterall, I had dealt with those problems with my first, and ended up not breast feeding him due to the "complications" of trying.

First off, if you are expecting, and truly want to breast feed, get a GOOD pump. I have my own opinion on what works, but thats because it works for me. Secondly, you may never need these shells.

I wore mine the last 8 weeks of pregnancy to help draw out inverted nipples, but had to be careful, since the nipple stimulation could cause contractions. The shells did help with that, but after the baby, I have never worn them. Between pumping so that she can be fed while I am at work, and her nursing, I *almost* never leak. When I do, its at night when the warmth of bed stimulates me. And, I am lucky enough to have never had truly sore nipples.

The shells are awkward under a bra, and the plastic feels worse than just going bare. Even during engorgement, I was better off pumping the milk out, and making myself comfortable, leaving some in to tell my body that it was making too much.

As for these; better safe than sorry. I am glad I bought them, but even happier that I did not need them.

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