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It was the perfect fit!
Submitted by: Sara
I am a 28 year old very active personal trainer and mother.  I am currently 5 months pregnant with my 3rd child. Being that I have a large chest, I have had difficulties in the past with stretch marks forming while pregnant. 
My doctor suggested wearing a support bra 24 hours a day, which was very uncomfortable. This pregnancy I tried a nursing camisole from Ameda’s Intimates line.  I trusted then with the breast pump for years.  The feel of the camisole was soft and light, and the fit was perfect.  I wore it all day and barely noticed that I even had it on, so I even wore it to sleep and never felt uncomfortable or restricted. The support and comfort of this camisole was simply amazing.  I wish I could find workout clothes with the same fabric.

Great Product; Great Customer Service
Submitted by: Jessica
I got my Purely Yours before I had my first child, and of all the things I've used most in her first year of life, it's this product hands down. There wasn't a day I didn't use it! I successfully nursed my baby for a year with the help of my purely yours. It's small and so quiet, great suction, and had lots of extra parts in case of wear and tear...The customer service was more than I could expect, considering my pump was also an older version. I would not hesitate to recommend the Purely Yours and the Ameda website to other expecting mothers, especially since I had to use a Medela for a short amount of time between receiving my replacement base. (Medela was awful in comparison- harder to clean it and so very LOUD) Thanks Ameda, for your support for us nursing moms!!!

Couldn't do it Without Ameda!
Submitted by: Alley C.
On October 24th, my daughter will turn 1. On this day we will celebrate 365 days of life and 365 days of mother's milk courtesy of myself and Ameda. In the hospital, I was given an Ameda manual pump. At the time, it was a standard practice by the Lactation Consultant. Little did we know how handy that pump would become. My daughter was never able to latch-on. I used the manual pump for several days before renting a hospital grade Hollister pump. Finally, my Purely Yours Ameda pump arrived in the mail about three weeks after my daughter was born. I estimate that I have used my pump for roughly 900+ hours and 8000+ ounces of pumping. My daughter has never had formula. I thank you so much for your product and the amazing customer service I received when I did have problems with my pump. I couldn't have done this without you!

Ameda, how breast pumping should feel!
Submitted by: Cathi, New Hampshire
With complications following his birth, my second son was unable to receive his primary feeding through exclusive breastfeeding. I was determined to provide him with mother's milk only and so discovered the option of exclusively pumping my milk for him. I set a short term goal of pumping for at least one year; but knew I ultimately wanted to pump for him for as long as I had nursed my first son - 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about Ameda's products when I first began exclusively pumping. I was immediately discouraged by how uncomfortable it was to pump regardless of the variety of pumps and accessories I tried. Other pumps I have used, with an inferior design, have caused chronic nipple trauma and pain while pumping, have easily tipped and spilled large amounts of milk, have introduced moisture and mold into the tubing, have decreased my milk production, or have been so difficult to assemble/dissemble that I have been ready to abandon my goals and throw in the towel on pumping.

Thankfully, I was introduced to Ameda's product line. After months of suffering, suddenly pumping was comfortable and even convenient. The Elite hospital grade pump is so gentle, adjustable and quiet that I actually enjoy pumping. My milk supply bounced back within a week. The Purely Yours personal pump is so convenient - the attractive backpack, the triple power choices (batteries, car adapter, and AC adapter) and the small size make it a breeze to use in almost any setting - I have pumped as a passenger in cars and airplanes, at a hospital, in restaurants, in doctor's offices, and even at a Children's museum while my sons played. Ameda helps normalize pumping so providing my son with the best possible nutrition is no longer a painful, unpleasant sacrifice - it's just a typical part of a typical day. And paired with a hot drink and a compelling book to read, pumping can be a part of my day that I actually look forward to. A moment to relax while I'm also doing something so precious for my son - who could ask for more? Continuing to pump until my son is 2 1/2 years old (about 9 months away) - no problem! I highly recommend the Ameda pumps and accessories to my fellow pumping moms and all my friends.